ISIS Slaughters 200 Syrian CHILDREN

Once upon a time the world body said “never again” following WW2. Well it’s happening today, the islamonazis continue to kill innocent people regardless of airstrikes from Russia to the whopping 50 special operators sent to Syria by tough guy barack obama.
2 0 0  C H I L D R E N  laying face down slaughtered at point blank range by these monsters driven by that book… “the only book they ever read, they read it all the time, they never stop. They’re there for one reason and one reason only: to die for the caliphate and usher in a world without infidels…” in preparation for “end times”.

isis slaughters 200 children

This is sickening and disgusting to see knowing leaders will do nothing to once and for all put a stop to these monsters. If the word body really cared we would see airstrikes and bombings against ISIS that would define shock and awe. Instead they do just enough to put on a show for political posturing because a fight over oil & gas and who will have all the money and power is more important that human life.

Disgusting what mankind has become, we are well over due for a reset….


(As quick as the video was available it has been removed… below is a censored copy. STR is in possession of the uncut version. Some are questioning the back story of this video, lets assume it is a year or so old and not children… does that make this slaughter of human life okay?!)


Shocking footage shows ISIS militants massacring 200 captive Syrian CHILDREN in horrifying mass execution

The Syrian children are forced to lie side-by-side with their faces in the dirt
Behind them stand at least a dozen ISIS gunmen, armed with assault rifles
The barbaric ISIS captors then open fire, killing an estimated 200 children
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by Corey Charlton | Mailonline

ISIS militants have lined up and shot 200 Syrian children in the latest sickening mass execution video to emerge from inside the jihadis’ territory.
Forced to lie side-by-side and with their faces in the dirt, the video shows about 200 young children stretched out in a long line to the left and right.
Behind them, at least a dozen gunmen armed with assault rifles and handguns stand poised and ready to fire.

One militant then begins firing at point blank range – shooting each child individually as he makes along the row of children.
Others beside him also open fire, mostly using their machine guns, and the area is filled with dust, obscuring much of the bloodshed.

The video is believed to have been filmed somewhere inside Syria, where ISIS control a swathe of territory, including Raqqa, the capital of the terrorists’ self-proclaimed caliphate.

While ISIS is notorious for mass executions, there have been few reports of the militants targeting such a large group of children exclusively.

Although it lasts less than 30 seconds, almost all of the video is too graphic to broadcast unedited. It was not clear what the children were accused of in order to be sentenced to death …more