Presidential Candidate and a Fmr Congressman Dare AG Lynch to Arrest Them

Eric Holder 2.0 aka Loretta Lynch said she is going to go after those who use offensive speech towards muslims. This has spurred major blow back from avg Americans to presidential candidate & fmr NY Gov George Pataki

and fmr Congressman Joe Walsh had some words in this video he posted…

… but he continued to fire away on his twitter feed

…as others in what one could deem violent rhetoric based on Lynch’s warning. Americans have had it with this political correctness towards radical islam and the divisiveness coming from the obama regime. Americans are being killed but Lynch, obama and the crap media are turning their guns on the people instead of the killers.

The First Amendment protects all types of speech even the most offensive as Megyn Kelly made clear a few months ago following the Draw Mohammad contest…

For the record what Lynch, emperor obama and demoncrats are proposing is in fact making us sharia compliant! So here’s the deal, We the People are going to say exactly whats on our minds, you don’t like it ARREST US!