Ted Cruz DESTROYS Birther Conspiracy Theories: Even ‘Trump Would Be Disqualified’


This whole birther thing is shameful for anyone to be bringing up. The nation is in grave danger we don’t have time for these liberal games. Folks need to see Sen Cruz’s resume, this is no boy scout out for the first time.

Cruz was champion debater, he knows Constitutional inside and out, has argued and won cases in front of The Supreme Court. To date not one of the self-proclaimed Constitutional scholars have produced US Code or an Amendment that cites their claims that both parents must be legal citizens and birth on US soil for one to be POTUS. They can’t produce it because the law does not exist. Instead the opinions of liberal Constitutional “scholars” is being taken as gospel!? The issue is and has been settled for years, Cruz is eligible.

It is very upsetting how so many, that identify as “conservative” and in the TEA Party, who cried out for a true conservative and a champion of the Constitution to run for POTUS have all turned their backs to such a candidate (Cruz) over the rhetoric of a billionaire and former reality tv star.