Dem Rep Keith Ellison: Muslims Not Responsible for ‘Majority of Domestic Terrorist Attacks’

Really Keith? Muslims aren’t responsible for the majority of attacks in the US then who is? Are they Christians, Jews, Buddhists… Atheists running around shooting and blowing people up screaming allahu akbar!? They’re all McVeigh types huh Keith?! Sorry Congressman but muslims are responsible for:

World Trade Center attack (’93/01)
Beltway sniping
Fort Hood attack
Boston Marathon Bombing
Garland, Tx attack (thwarted)
Chattanooga, Tn on US servicemen
San Bernandino and many more.

Ellison, an agent of CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood), is a disgrace to the office he represents and everyone who put him in office are either ignorant or complicit with radical traditional islam’s goal for world domination.