Ted Cruz: Donald Trump is Scared

Donald Trump is not a stupid man he knows candidates cannot have any communication with PACs. For him to blame Ted Cruz for what an anti-Trump PAC (same PAC which is NOT a fan of Cruz’s) did was nothing but an excuse to attack. Cruz is slowly gaining on Trump in many polls so Donald must attack at every opportunity. There are also polls Trump isn’t talking about where Clinton (a “strong woman”) is crushing him which only adds to his level of stress and anger that Ted rightfully cites as a trigger for Donald’s animosity. The anger you see from Trump is how he deals with fear and it’s dangerous.

Trump is scared whether his supporters want to admit it, and I’m sure I’ll be attacked for even posting this but it is true. Trump supporters if Donald is such a strong, powerful man ready and willing to take on China, Russia, Mexico and all our enemies around the world why won’t he debate Cruz 1 on 1, putting Cruz away once and for all? Why is Trump so scared to get in front of Megyn Kelly (keep in mind I defended him back in August)? Trump makes all these threats but cannot handle a simple debate?

We get it we understand you’re angry and tired we all are but your idol is not who claims to be. You have chosen the republican version of obama and it will not end well for the nation. You are choosing a man over the Constitution and your nation…