Obama: Little Difference Between Communism and Capitalism, Just Choose What Works

Yes just do whatever works especially those systems that the left has been systematically working in very subtly over the years. They don’t teach what socialism and communism are anymore but they make sure everyone knows capitalism doesn’t work. Same capitalism that is responsible for the clothes on peoples back, food on their table, job they have that pays for things, solid properly built roofs over their head, internet, smart phones etc they all take for granted. Obama sadly tried to make like there is no difference between communism or capitalism even though he cites people of Cuba are living as people did 50 years ago!

The only system that has worked is capitalism because is driven by freedom to do and make something of yourself with little govt control. By taking Darth Hussein’s™ advice to do whatever works would be going socialist or full communist giving progressives all the power they want resulting in very little freedom.