Obama Admin to Make Illegal Aliens Eligible for Federal Benefits

Obama will remain defiant of the will of the people until the very last minute, especially when it comes to undocumented democrats. How does it feel America to know that your tax dollars will be used to provide federal benefits to illegal aliens? Progressives will do everything they can to bring illegals out of the shadows baiting them with free-stuff at our expense. There is no standard test in place to verify if all aliens are lawfully in the US. Many have worked the system with the help of the obama regime and rogue Congressmen like Luis Gutierrez who actually advise illegals of what documented they need to “prove” they’ve been in the US long enough under obama’s Executive Amnesty directive through deferred action. To allow them access to Social Security and Medicare is pure theft.

We can’t just blame obama though, we have to hold the useless impotent, incompetent Congress responsible for more or less surrendering the powers delegated to them to obama.