Hillary Clinton ‘We Are Going to Put A Lot of Coal Miners & Coal Companies Out of Business’

Clinton will pick up where obama leaves off with the destruction of the coal industry, jobs and hurting our economy in the name of climate change. Liberal progressives care more about this fallacy than human life. Clean renewable energy is not at an advanced level to be cost efficient, produced in abundance to satisfy our energy needs, if it were the industry would be booming. Billionaire T Boone Pickens was pushing hard for wind farms and gave up on it because it was not economically feasible. Solar works but has a long way to go… do you need to be reminded of all the green energy companies the obama regime lost billions of taxpayers dollars they “invested in”?!

The fossil fuels we produce and use is done in the most efficient manner under strict EPA standards that no other nation is subjected to. It’s almost as if the left doesn’t want these resources tapped because their friends in the middle east would go broke when the US becomes the number one energy producer.