North Carolina Gov Sues DOJ Over Bathroom Law

Americans Fourth Amendment rights are in jeopardy and why no one is addressing this is not surprising in this election cycle. It is as if the Constitution has been deemed irrelevant at this point between both factions running for POTUS. NC Governor McCrory has every right to challenge the obama regime to defend his citizens rights again under the Fourth and Tenth Amendments. Puzzling how the DOJ considers the civil rights of LGBT community (very minute) being violated but not the rights of men, women and children who would if the law is removed.

This has NOTHING to do about discrimination against the LGBT community. Conservatives defending the NC law have made it clear we don’t care about the Caitlyn Jenner’s using women’s bathrooms or Chaz Bono’s using men’s restrooms, it is the freaks (perverts, sexual offenders, depraved etc) we are worried about.

Without a law like the one passed in NC the freaks will violate men, women and children’s privacy when they are using a public restroom (locker room and shower as Gov also points out) or do worse! We have already had several examples take place that the media of course did not want to cover since they prove why such a bill is needed. Furthermore since the federal govt has no law on bathroom use the state made the decision granted to them under 10A. The obama administration is simply engaged with more social engineering which is destroying the very moral core of America.