Benghazi Hero Reacts to Clinton Saying “Not My Ball Carry”

Kris “Tanto” Paronto along with other American heroes survived 13 hour attack in Benghazi after trying to rescue Amb Stevens and Sean Smith by radical islamists responded to FELON Clinton’s heartless comment that it was not her ball to carry in protecting Americans.

Appearing on The Blaze, with Dana Loesch, Tanto was explicit saying he saw the requests for help and the denials. He is right asking do we want this monster as a leader if she wont take responsibility or playing dumb that she didn’t get a memo!  

“Either way she’s at fault. Whether she takes responsibility for it, which is what she should do she’s still at fault because she’s let it go for so long or she can keep just going down this rabbit hole and keep making it worse and worse for her. And guys like myself and veterans like myself and guys that know are going to keep coming at her.”

This woman wants to be president but look how masterful she is passing the finger of blame when in reality the buck stops with her…

Hillary Clinton is a liar as Sec of State the safety of Americans under her dept is her responsibility aka ball to carry. Some 600 requests for increased security were made and ignored not to mention calls for help on 9/11/12. Four men are dead because of her outright incompetence or was it to cover-up the obama regime running guns to the middle east? Either way she is not fit to be president and should be in jail for violating the Espionage Act.