Mass Shooting at German Shopping Mall

[Live Feed]

– Shots fired at a Munich, Germany shopping mall
– Multiple people injured, 3 in severe condition, 9 dead
– Police believe it was only 1 shooter, an 18yr old German-Iranian, who killed himself
– Eyewitness accounts suggest multiple crime scenes, two others reportedly fled from scene not involved
– Transit system shutdown
– Police asking no live video shared 

Germany has strict gun laws and what do you know someone or several people who couldn’t careless about the law lit up this shopping mall! Go ahead though pass more gun laws whether its Germany, France, England or the US. Disarming law-abiding people will never stop terrorists, criminals and the mentally insane from killing. You liberals, regardless of where you are, who push anti-gun laws have blood on your hands!

This bloggers call for a revolt will only get stronger now: German Blogger Calls For Patriotic Citizens to ‘Rise Up’ ‘Resist’ Against Radical Islam