Megyn Kelly Gets Into Epic Battle With Fmr Black Panther Head Over Police Shootings

OMG get the duct tape out to watch this unbelievable Kelly File segment that will make your head explode! Kelly battled fmr Black Panther Party head Malik Zulu Shabazz over police shootings and the false democrat/progressive narrative that police are hunting black people.

Shabazz cited a number of high-profile police related shootings leaving out the fact those he is defending were criminals. He denied facts like Mike Brown went for a cops gun and it was 5 black citizens who told the truth. His answer was bad prosecutor. Kelly quickly fired back, black judge, black prosecutor etc and of course was ignored. She did this on just about every issue until you could see she began patronizing this race hustler as he then targeted her citing white privilege.

One thing not asked by Kelly but clearly represented is that Shabazz is a die-hard, MILITANT, RACIST who welcomes hearing the death of cops and IMO, in general, white people. Keep dreaming on the reparations Malik it will never happen. As for your threats there will be no peace until black racists like yourself get your way.. stop talking start walking, otherwise STHU!! Tired of these empty threats from these domestic terrorists!