Here’s Video of Trump Saying He Would NOT Honor the Pledge

I know a lot of people are upset about Ted Cruz’s speech tonight, at the RNC Convention, for not formally endorsing Trump citing the pledge he signed. We have known for mos the candidates were struggling on this issue to honor the pledge because of how nasty the primary got.

Tonight for the record Cruz congratulated Trump and said to vote your conscience with someone who would uphold the Constitution.

Of the two candidates running for president I’m pretty sure the one running on the DNC platform would like to take a match to the Constitution. That said let’s leave it at that and consider that non-endorsement speech is the closest Ted could get to endorsing Trump after the war they went through. Or is there someone running we don’t know about (that loon pothead Gary Johnson doesn’t count)?

Back to the pledge Cruz signed, well so did Donald Trump and here he is waaaaaayyyy back on March 29th 2016 with Anderson Cooper saying he would not honor it

(this clip ⬆︎ is AFTER the Fox News debate clip that is floating around where they all said yes, that was on Mar 3rd 2016)

Trump was clear as day he would not honor the pledge complaining how unfair the RNC has been to him (not really but whatever):

Cooper: Before we go back to the audience, I want to ask you a question I asked to Senator Cruz as well. More than six months ago you pledged to support the Republican nominee, whoever that may be. A lot has changed since then. It sounded, when I was pressing Senator Cruz on it, sounded like he was saying he’d have a hard time supporting somebody who went after his wife.

Trump: Honestly, he doesn’t have to support me. I’m not asking for his support. I want the people’s support.

Cooper: Do you continue to pledge whoever the Republican nominee is?

Trump: No, I don’t anymore.

Cooper: You don’t?

Trump: No, we’ll see who it is.

No one can tell me if Cruz, Kasich or Rubio had won the nomination Trump would not be running as an independent, regardless of the pledge. Trump was clear many times early on that if he wasn’t treated fairly all bets were off. Those words “treated fairly” were so loose an open-ended I’m surprised any of the candidates agreed to sign the pledge in the first place. So please lets stop with the fighting and attacks because that witch… that FELON Hillary Clinton thinks this election is hers!