Benghazi Victims Dad: Clinton Stood in Front of My Son’s Casket and Lied

“She stood in front of my son’s casket and blamed the rage directed at American embassies upon the video that she said we had no part of.”

Charles Woods, Tyrone Woods’ father, weighed in on Hillary ROTTEN Clinton’s Fox News Sunday appearance when she doubled down more or less calling Woods, Pat Smith and other victims family members of the Benghazi attack liars. The two are on record many times with the same exact story that Clinton told them the attack was because of a video.. no one watched. Yet Clinton contends the victims families have the story wrong of what she told them!

Woods is correct in there being only two options:

“…one is either Mrs Clinton is lying, or she has a bad memory because of her age or her head injury that she suffered.”

Either way Clinton is unfit to be POTUS, maybe the hackers out there need to do some digging on her medial records because if she isn’t lying then that bump on the head or whatever her ailment is should be of great concern.