Obama’s DOJ Blocked FBI Investigation Into Potential Public Corruption at Clinton Foundation

The most transparent administration in US history.
No one is above the law.
We are a nation of rules and laws.

Let’s give a round of applause to those in the Senate who confirmed Loretta Lynch for protecting felon Clinton and her corrupt crime family! And lets also give a round of applause to FBI Dir James Comey for letting felon Hillary walk confirming the US is a Banana Republic. [Hey Jimmy, what do they have on you?]

That said, how many more lies and acts of lawlessness must we endure coming out of this administration? Why are the American people asleep after so many years of lawlessness? If this were a republican administration acting so lawless the democrats would be in the streets marching with pitchforks and torches, holding protests, sit-ins and more importantly recall elections for their do nothing Congressional leaders. Republicans, TEA Party activists and conservatives you just sit there taking it allowing the left to move the goal posts so far in their favor that the lawlessness is nothing new.

This is how you lose your country when you allow leaders to turn it into a Banana Republic. You get what you deserve America.