13 of Clinton’s Mobile Devices Are Unaccounted For

Not only has Hillary Clinton admitted to the FBI she has memory problems (thus indicating brain injury which IS NOT conspiracy) but she has also lost 13 unapproved mobile devices including a laptop! Devices with sensitive documents and information jeopardizing national security. On top of that two devices were destroyed with a hammer at the State AFTER a House subpoena which is destruction of evidence yet FBI Dir Comey let Clinton go free!

America how much more proof do you need to see how corrupt this govt is that the US is a Banana Republic when you have the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation covering for a politician?!

All you pundits out there touting “Comey is a good man”, no he isn’t you can go straight to hell! No good man would allow a reckless individual who has broken the law to go free because of who they are.