Fmr Pres of Haitian Senate Exposes Bill Clinton & Clinton Foundation: “Wanted to Buy Me Out”

Bernard Sansaricq, fmr Pres of Haitian Senate in 1994, told Trump at a little Haiti event in Miami, “I have the records about the Clinton Foundation” explaining how the Clinton’s tried to bribe him in. He spoke of Bill Clinton’s plan to invade Haiti and how Clinton wanted him to join his movement promising he would be the richest man in Haiti. When Sansaricq refused an offer made, via a US embassy messenger, Bill Clinton via Executive Order REVOKED his visa!

Sansaricq then explained following the 2010 earthquake the billions that were donated to help Haitians to the Clinton Foundation never reached the people, “not even two percent of that money went back to Haiti”. From that Sansaricq asked Trump in the debates to call Hillary out to produce an audit of all the money stolen from Haiti!

The corruption of the Clinton crime family has no boundaries. How many more Bernard Sansaricq’s are out there who have dirt on the Clinton’s but are remaining silent over fear? This man should be applauded for his bravery to come forward. His story should be headlining on every network but the silence on this just goes to show how in the tank the media are for Clinton.

Maybe the Fair and Balanced network will give him airtime? Don’t hold your breath…

2010- Bill Clinton’s Shameful Haiti Legacy