Judge Napolitano: FBI Was Told to Exonerate Clinton “at All Costs”

Judge Napolitano is one of the few willing to say the truth to demonstrate how the FBI has failed the American people. Question to ask is: who gave the order to let Hillary off? Was it the result of the meeting between Bill Clinton and Atty Gen Lynch, or did it come from the imperial throne room to ensure emperor obama’s legacy via a third term in a Hillary Clinton presidency?

Regardless of where, fact remains the level of deception and pure corruption is on full display at the FBI which has no bounds. As I’ve argued repeatedly FBI Director James Comey has proven without a shadow of doubt the United States of America is a Banana Republic.

The left is quick to organize and protest over police shootings, corrupt politicians and figureheads on the right, or someone they deem a racist. Where are the marches and protests DEMANDING Comey’s resignation or for Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings? Don’t answer as this election cycle has proven the truth, doing what is right, standing on principle no longer matters. The TEA Party is too busy, doing what I don’t know, to organize… now maybe some can see why STR never allied/ included itself as part of the TP.

“this group is broken”