Obama Admin Officials Admit Refugee Screening Program For Radical Views is Flawed

#1 ISIS is on record they will use refugee programs to infiltrate the West and launch attacks
#2 4% (technically 13%) of Syrian refugees polled approve of ISIS
#3 The FBI has admitted they cannot properly vet refugees guaranteeing they do not pose a threat with 100% certainty
#4 Why are muslim refugees being brought to a Christian nation? They do not belong here and will not assimilate into our culture.

Keep in mind Senators have a limited amount of time to ask questions. These obama admin officials know that as they dance around answering question. They also know more than they are telling this Senate Judiciary Committee. The admin plans on bringing in 110K refugees in 2017 while Hillary Clinton if elected POTUS promises to increase refugees to the US by 500%… refugees this govt has admitted they cannot screen.

We are in grave danger and the people responsible for our safety are leaving the door wide open. Like Pirro said “get a gun“.