White House Says US Will Take in 110,000 Refugees in 2017

The US borders need to be closed. Those trying to enter from nations whom the US cannot vet with 100% confidence that pose no threat should not be allowed entry to the US. This isn’t game, it has nothing to do with racism or bigotry, it is a national security issue. Our economy cannot handle the additional load and Americans safety supersedes any other argument from the open borders lobby especially when ISIS is on record and we have proof they have infiltrated refugee programs.

– Fact 4% of Syrian refugees polled in 2014 APPROVE of ISIS.
– Fact the FBI, State Dept, DHS etc have been clear they cannot give 100% guarantee they can safely vet refugees from the middle east. There is no database, no files of any kind to cross reference. This more than likely will also applies to other nations.
– Fact many “refugees” aka illegal aliens (illegals are told to say they are refugees seeking asylum) coming from the Southern border (Mexico, Central & South America) have no education or possess any skills. They are complete leeches off of social entitlement system (safety net) American taxpayers pay into.
– Fact many refugees coming into the US bring diseases and are criminals.

U.S. to Boost Refugee Intake by 30,000 Over Two Years
by Felicia Schwartz & Anton Troianovski|WSJ
The U.S. will boost the number of refugees it accepts from around the world to 100,000 annually, up from 70,000 now, as part of an effort to help Europe cope with a migration crisis, Secretary of State John Kerry said.

The increase would include at least 10,000 Syrian refugees that the White House has proposed admitting to the U.S. next year, Mr. Kerry said. Beyond that, however, details were scarce.

Since 2011, the U.S. has taken in about 1,600 Syrians.

Some Republicans say the U.S. should concentrate its efforts on helping Syrians resettle in the region, rather than transport them far from home. Other critics have raised concerns about Islamic State or other militants outwitting the lengthy background checks each applicant undergoes to infiltrate the U.S. posing as refugees.

But Mr. Kerry said the U.S. move would be “in keeping with America’s best tradition as a land of second chances and a beacon of hope.”

Speaking in Berlin on Sunday alongside his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, he added that Germany’s welcome of hundreds of thousands of migrants this year served as an “example for the world.”

Mr. Kerry said that in fiscal year 2016, which starts in October, the U.S. would accept some 85,000 refugees, including the 10,000 Syrians the White House proposed earlier this month...more