New York Times Releasing Trump’s Taxes Helped Expose A Lot of Hypocrites

I’ve sat back and watched people fight over the NYT releasing Trump’s taxes from 1995, showing he didn’t pay federal taxes as the result of a $916M loss. It is astounding how so many on both sides of the aisle who hate the tax code have exposed themselves as total hypocrites.

How many of you bitching about Trump have done everything you can to reduce your tax exposure (personal and business)? How many of you ask whomever prepares your taxes (personal and business) what and how many deductions you qualify for? What makes you think you can do everything you can to be at a zero tax burden but not him? The tax code that applies to Trump also applies to you and so does ALL the LEGAL loopholes.

You people complaining on both sides of the aisle are not only a bunch of hypocrites but stupid! If you want someone to blame, blame Washington for all the loopholes and escape hatches they wrote into the 80K page tax code. Blame yourselves for re-electing these people who have left their fingerprints all over the tax code. You do understand whatever Trump took advantage of #1 is LEGAL #2 the SOB’s who wrote the loophole took advantage of it too (before he did) and #3 there is nothing saying you can’t take advantage of it either! Spend the money get someone who really knows what they’re doing to do your taxes. There are some tax-wizards out there who can get you your money back, reducing your tax burden as close to zero as possible and it’s all 100% LEGAL. You’re stupid if you prepare your own taxes. And no you do not need to hire an army of accountants and lawyers to do it, you just need to work your network of contacts and maybe that old phone book collecting dust somewhere in your home. There are some very good tax preparers out there who spend a fortune on the software they use to be up-to-date with the current code.

All of you bitching that you want to see Trump’s taxes, how about you cough up your tax returns!? Let’s see how much you’re paying!? That means you Van Jones after the little hissy fit you threw…

…Let’s see how much in taxes you’re paying! Since you’re so big on socialism and communism ranting to “share the wealth”, you better be paying more than you’re obligated! You better not have any deductions you hypocrite; and that goes for the rest of you bitching!

Simple solution to end all of this bickering is to abolish the 16th Amendment and institute a FLAT tax. No not a fair tax, because it will never be fair and open the door to attack the rich aka job creators. We go to a flat tax all the loopholes and lobbyists will go bye-bye and everyone will be paying the same rate… that’s the only way we will ever have a “fair tax”!

Oh one last thing, Sep 26th at the debate Hillary said Trump hasn’t paid any taxes and what do you know a few days later the NYT comes out with that article. How did Hillary know? This just goes to show the collusion between the MSM (tv & print) and the DNC/ HRC!