Newt Gingrich Goes Off on Megyn Kelly During Heated Interview

I don’t know if this segment over alleged media bias with Newt Gingrich was to be part of an audition tape for a network news job or Megyn Kelly was just feeling emboldened with Roger Ailes gone, but she was completely out of line! Kelly was more aggressive than she has been as of late, taking a patronizing position that got so far under Gingrich’s skin he exploded saying he is “sick and tired of people LIKE YOU, using language that’s inflammatory that’s not true”

It doesn’t matter if you like Donald Trump or not Kelly crossed the line in the heated interview with Gingrich over sexual accusations made against Trump. Kelly suggested the GOP nominee may be a sexual predator with absolutely no proof. She infuriated Gingrich so much you could see he had enough of her so much so he called her out for being “fascinated with sex” and then challenged Kelly to call Bill Clinton a sexual predator too. Kelly dodged the direct question from the former Speaker saying her show covered that topic extensively. Really Megyn, WHEN? You were still in college when Bill was having his sexual escapades when he was President. Can’t seem to locate the extensive report you did about Bill’s getaways to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave island either! Yes, Bill Clinton IS NOT running for President but his wife Hillary IS and SHE ENABLED Bill’s sexual predator lifestyle going so far as to mock and even destroy the lives of Bill’s victims!

As for Kelly insulting Gingrich by suggesting he has anger issues, since when is it a crime to get upset with someone making false claims and refusing to answer a direct question? Sorry Megyn you cannot have it both ways Bill Clinton is AS MUCH a sexual predator, again with whom Hillary ENABLED, as you suggest Trump is!

This is why her ratings have dropped to date and after this segment expect to see another drop.