Obamacare Architect: Premiums Have Not Gone Down in Real Dollars

This is such gobbledygook nonsense from the jerk, Ezekiel Emmanuel, who helped design the destruction of our healthcare system…

“If you look at health insurance premiums from the Bush-era and you graph the line as if it continued the fact is that premiums have gone substantially down compared to where they would have been under President Bush, if those lines had continued and people actually have saved. That doesn’t mean the premiums have actually gone down in real dollars but they’ve gone down compared to what they would have been.”

This is the equivalent to obama claiming jobs saved without any quantitative proof.

Ezekiel Emmanuel wants Americans, whose insurance has doubled if not more, to believe that their premiums would actually be higher if nothing was done and Bush-era policies were left in place right now vs the obama regime seizing the healthcare system! Got it?! That’s how stupid these people think you are!

Emmanuel and that clown Jonathan Gruber should be in jail with obama for blatantly lying, and Hillary Clinton, right now for the massive scam they ran.