Border Patrol Chief Says Agents Busy Buying Baby Wipes & Checking Temp of Burritos vs Securing Border (Video)

‘…the Border Patrol is dedicating a tremendous amount of resources taking those folks in processing them. At times we really.. a lot of resources are dedicated being professional childcare providers at this point.’

Obama has 50 days left in office to do as much damage as he can on his way out. What better way that to re-task our border agents to cater to illegal aliens vs protecting the nations borders! Your taxes dollars are hard at work America as US Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan testified in front of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that agents are busy catering to illegal aliens, buying baby wipes and checking the temperature of burritos they’re serving!

‘the supervisor in charge said, “Chief, we’re going to do whatever this country asks us to do, but I never thought in my 20 years that I would be, as part of procurement, ordering baby powder and baby wipes.” Actually I just got from one sector where agents, one of their jobs, during the day is to actually make sure that the food, the burritos that were provided are being warmed properly’

What you have here is an act by the corrupt obama regime to put this nations security in jeopardy which is equivalent to taking a match to the country on their way out. The hearing is 2 hours long so this is just touching on the problems at the border where the Chief also noted that 63% of the apprehensions are OTM’s. That means it’s not just Mexicans coming across the border it’s EVERYONE from everywhere flooding across the border. Agents cannot do the job the were hired to do because this administration has done nothing to stop it.