Dana Loesch Battles Nomiki Konst on OH Attack and Gun Control (Video)

Nomiki Konst, a hardcore Sanders supporter, like clockwork pushes anti-gun propaganda discussing the OSU terrorist attack. The problem with shows like the Kelly File is they rush segments through making it difficult for guests, like Dana Loesch, to disprove lies from progs because there isn’t enough time to respond. Progressives.. communists are masters when it comes to dishing out their nonsense. Listen to her again, Nomiki actually had the audacity to say the police should have exercised self-control that Kelly had to call her out on! Of course Konst starts in with lies and misinformation because that’s what she is paid to do. This takes the segment off course which progs love to do when they can’t defend their position. Progs do not want people to have the ability to protect themselves thus we have Gun Free Zones which should be reclassified as lawless or better yet free killing zones.

Dana Loesch of course wasn’t having any of the trash Konst was spewing and proceeded to correct the commie on how things work in the real world, unlike the delusion fantasy Nomiki exists in, crafted by Hollywood. Yes, I have no doubt Konst, like most progs, believes what she sees from violent movies really happens in real world shootings. While the little commie starts using cherry-picked misleading stats Loesch again has to correct her making it clear she’s not going to let Konst get a word in. That’s what has to happen in these short segments that Fox insists on having. By all means Dana, BULLY this little witch and tell her you’re going to cut her off! As far as I’m concerned what Nomiki is doing is FAKE NEWS so she should be stopped from getting a word in!