CNN Panders to Illegal Immigrants Fearing Trump’s Deportation Plans (Video)

Leave it to the alt-left crap media like CNN to spin what Trump has been saying about his immigration policy. He clearly stated criminal illegal aliens would be deported without fail. It doesn’t matter if it’s 800K or 2 million they are getting deported. Frankly most Americans consider ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS CRIMINALS because they broke our laws to enter the US. He said the wall would be built on the southern border and once all that was done they would decide what to do with the rest. (Stay tuned I have a simple plan I will be submitting to the admin everyone can agree on!)

These hacks at CNN just don’t get it as they pander to “undocumented immigrants”, which by the way is beyond insulting. They make it sound like these people came here, passing through borders and customs and there was a problem. No, they willfully broke our laws crossed into the US probably at night across the border, hidden in a vehicle, by boat or violated a visa.
Do they have legal status to be here? NO = ILLEGAL
Are they native to this country? NO = ALIEN
They are properly identified as illegal aliens!

Maybe it hasn’t been made clear over the years, because the media has been busy helping the democrats build their dependent, uneducated, permanent new voting block, but it is against federal law to enter the US without proper authorization.


You just can’t stroll across the border, wash up on shore or violate your visa and stay here. If you are not a citizen you do not have a right to be here. If you do not have legal status to be in the US you cannot have a child here (anchor baby) to justify staying because they ARE NOT A US CITIZEN! Let me say it again only aliens with legal status to be in the US can pass on natural born citizenship to a child. If you strolled across the border with a 1 year old they are not undocumented citizens.

No one is breaking up any families except for those family members who choose to stay here when whomever is here illegally is kicked out. YOU ALL CAN LEAVE, there is no gun to your head to break the family up!

None of this has to do with bigotry or racism. It has to do with national, economic, social and health security. There are monsters trying to enter this country daily who want to kill us, blending in with illegals. The border must be sealed. And before any of you bleeding heart liberals cite how wonderful it is in Europe, think twice they’re putting walls up too!