Judge Napolitano Warns Obama Will Pardon Clinton If Trump Wins

Some more tough love, hard truth whatever you want to call the reality that is coming under this Banana Republic of ours. The DOJ is beyond corrupt acting as a political arm for the imperial obama regime. If Comey and the FBI had done its job back in July nothing they conclude would matter because as Napolitano declares, if Trump wins obama will pardon Hillary Clinton before there is anything a Trump DOJ could do! Many say this is not true but the Judge explains it will be the same type pardon Nixon was granted, where he was not charged with a crime but Ford pardoned him of all and anything related. So even though there are still ongoing investigations on the Clinton Foundation and public corruption “pay to play” while Clinton was Sec of State obama could pardon Clinton!

Hate to say it but looks like this witch, with 3 scandals, is going to get away with it unless someone from inside her inner circle turns on her.

One last thing, there’s a larger problem everyone seems to be overlooking that is frankly dangerous. The DOJ like the IRS and many govt agencies has now been weaponized by whichever party occupies the White House.