White House Dodges Whether Obama Will Pardon Hillary Clinton

America don’t get your hopes up to see Clinton in an orange jumpsuit now that Donald Trump has been elected. Obama has just under 3 months left in power, and frankly you should expect the worst from him. There is NOTHING saying he can’t pardon Hillary Clinton.

For all you armchair legal experts out there, Hillary does not have to be charged nor convicted of a crime. Says who? Says fmr Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano. Obama can pardon Clinton just as Richard Nixon was pardoned by Pres Ford. You do know Nixon was never charged, nor convicted, of a crime!?

We all want to see her pay a price for breaking a law, but obama is part of that swamp that needs to be filled-in with cement. We won’t see too many changes in dealing with political elites made for probably the first year or two. We can only hope those within the FBI with a spine will do their jobs on the Clinton investigationS regardless of this current administration do not touch policy. If so when the Trump admin takes over justice may finally be served.