Dana Loesch Destroys Nomiki Konst Over Obama Setting Criminals Loose (Watch)

Radio host and pro-Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch destroyed Nomiki Konst AGAIN for spewing progressive nonsense during a debate over obama’s recent record pardons and grants of clemency. Many of the convicts being cut loose, or are having their sentences commuted, have weapons charges, which of course sparked a debate over gun crime, where Nomiki tried to trivialize Dana’s information leading into one of her insane monologues!

Loesch took control of the segment many times talking over Konst and Bream blatantly telling Konst ‘I will railroad you all day long’ because she is completely clueless on the issues (see video below). You really can’t blame Dana for doing it because Nomiki, a closet communist, has a habit of railing off talking points ‘real data’ and “statistics” she gets from the DNC or maybe some anti-gun group like Mom’s Demand.

Konst claims those obama is setting loose are just victims of the judicial system with punishment that doesn’t match the crime. Many of these monsters obama is showing leniency to have long rap sheets. She is, as Loesch pointed out, ‘misrepresenting facts’ (propaganda really), to sway public opinion. Dana was so hot after this Kelly File segment she took to Periscope to expand on the facts Nomiki poorly argued against…