Here’s the Truth About the Threat of an Electoral College Coup

Dolts like M*A*S*H’s Mike Farrell to Christine Pelosi are coming out of the woodwork calling themselves Hamiltonians wanting Electoral College electors to not vote for Trump. Some, like Farrell, want Kasich elected, or even the desperate ones are still vying for Clinton… If that was to happen, if these 50 dems were able to get 37 repubs to jump on board with them none of the electors would be able to agree on a candidate which means all they would do is deny Trump the 270 electoral votes he needs to be POTUS. With the Electoral College in a deadlock and no one with 270, the vote for POTUS goes to the House to choose, while the Senate will pick the Vice President. That’s how this constitutionally limited representative democratic republic was set up.

Who do you think these people in Congress, who love to hold onto power are going to vote for? Aside from the fact there would be blood in the streets, as many have pointed out, these Congressmen and women love to be in power. Do you really believe they want to be subjected to a recall election if they defy the will of the voters!? With the republican party holding a majority in both houses the truth about this threat of an Electoral College coup is mute as they are not going to vote for anyone other than Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Not really sure why these dolt electors and the communists in Hollywood are pushing this, other than the fact they don’t have any idea how this country works. Seriously, they think they can put pressure on electors, whom many are bound by law to vote for whomever wins the EC vote on election day, to elect Kasich or anyone else to the White House! Sorry dummies that’s not how it works.

Thank you again for demonstrating why you’re so hated, that this election was a referendum on you and everything you stand for!


  • Cow

    No birth certificate, no job experience, nothing but praise for obama and his picks for his cabinet and what a great uniter he will be.

    clinton with history of lies and corruption and not a word about blind trust for the corrupt foundation, pay for play only russians hacked her emails nothing about the content of the emails.

  • Thomas Williams
  • Ncrdbl1

    There is a reason why Trump won and it was NOT Russia. The PEOPLE are fed of Washington insiders doing what they want and NOT what the people want. The level of civil unrest, if they attempt to circumvent the will of the people has not been seen in the US for over 150 years.

    We can only hope they are not that STUPID

  • BobD

    And we, the people, want hollyweird libtards to stick to acting, rather than politics. Looks like neither of us are going to get what we want.

  • Num Nutz

    Mike Farrell who the the hell do you think you are? Who are you to take my vote away? Hollywood libtards have one vote, just like my one vote.

  • I thought half of therm were dead. Guess they are just ignorant old fossils. The voting has been done, AMERICA HAS SPOKEN.. Trump won. Shop whining, America is not interested in hearing liberal celebrities opinions.

  • Michael Thompson

    Actors are nothing more than the court jesters. Your station in life is for our entertainment and nothing more.

    • andre

      actors are paid to act. nothing more. give an actor enough money and he will say what ever you want him to say