O’Reilly & Gutfeld Rip Into Dishonest Media Coverage of Criminal Illegal Alien Raids


The dishonest leftist controlled media has launched a propaganda war against the Trump admin suggesting, to the uninformed, “harmless illegal aliens” are being rounded up and deported. DHS Sec Kelly made it clear this round up was in the works prior to Trump taking office and 75% are criminal aliens who have committed homicide, sexual assault, drug trafficking and DUI. Furthermore as both O’Reilly and Gutfeld point out the left didn’t have a problem when obama or Clinton called for such action and then carried it out. Where was the media when all the criminal illegal aliens were rounded up and deported under democrat presidents?

Why is left so hell-bent to keep criminal illegal aliens in the US? Once again they demonstrate they care more about foreigners than citizens, because they know they must pander to them to secure votes.

The left is playing a dangerous game that will come to a head soon as Bill O warns. The left wants to see the US in total chaos with the bizarre hope Trump will be removed from power and progressive will some how be back in control. As many ,including Rush Limbaugh, have warned we’re getting dangerously close to the perfect storm which could give rise to civil war. The level of discontent and hate coming from the left, supported and fueled by the media has never been seen before.

Do you think the dem party will all of a sudden stop go into agreement or compromise? Have they ever? They’ll take it as far as possible to actual conflict with obama leading the way and Soros funding it!