Pelosi Says Dems Looking For Grounds to Impeach Pres Trump But “It’s Very Hard” (Vid)

Pelosi confirming the democrat party is the party of obstruction and destruction of the Republic. They do not want anyone in office who acts to protect the USA or take any action to make our economy better. Trump Derangement Syndrome is running high in the communist party, from supporters to long standing members! Listen to her, all the left wants to do is impeach republican Presidents! Pelosi opens up about fmr Pres Bush and then continues about Pres Trump, surely she had same high hopes against Bush Sr and Reagan!

Pres Trump has broken no laws, but all these people are doing is looking for a way to impeach him. Pelosi even points out it’s very hard to do as if that’s all they spend their time on. So while they nitpick looking for any opportunity to impeach, commies of the DNC obstruct national business. We have terrorists trying to kill us, illegals crossing the border draining the social entitlement system and criminals running loose, the economy remains a dumpster fire but they still waste time and energy for any opportunity. Keep in mind dems have NO majority, impeachment will never get a vote

Make no mistake about it, after electing a new party chairman, the dems are going to double down on everything that has helped divide this country. They will never stop this witch hunt against Pres Trump because he is going to dismantle everything obama and the dems did when they held a supermajority.

Think about it, Trump has only been President for just over a month and these people are running around with their heads on fire. When actual bills come across his desk to be signed into law, based on what dems have done to date, the rage we’ve seen to date will be nothing compared to what we will see! These people are going to go completely nuts and insanely violent!