Rep Gohmert Tells Hollywood to Shut Up About Border Wall, “Tear Down Your Own Walls” (Vid)

Finally someone has called out Hollywood’s hypocrisy! Celebrities believe that because they pretend to be people of importance in tv and movies they are authorities on matters of national security, economics, social in equality and immigration. These TRUE DEPLORABLES have the audacity to tell Americans it’s bigoted and racist to close the country off to illegal aliens by wanting a wall built, yet live in lavish homes with high walls/ fences, state of the art security systems and armed security to keep people out.

Celebrities want everyone in America’s yard but not in theirs!

So leave it to Louie Gohmert to call out Hollywood’s elitist hypocrisy, telling them to more of less shut the F up! When they tear down their own walls, lose the security systems and armed guards OR open their homes up to illegals (and refugees, since they champion that cause too) then maybe we’ll consider listening to what they have to say. This is how you counter the left America. Stop debating these people, point out their hypocrisy and demand they reverse, otherwise tell them to shut up!