George Soros is Funding Radical Leftist Groups to Destroy America (Video)

George Soros is a real world version of a James Bond billionaire villain. This man is actively engaged in acts of sedition, rebellion and insurgency around the globe against those he deems are “oppressive regimes”, that is nothing more than a game to him…

[Feel free to watch the entire Glenn Beck episode. When he was at Fox he blew the lid open on many radicals. It’s sad he has abandoned this kind of programming because he believes it’s been divisive to America!]

This man is absolutely dangerous, he has crashed economies putting most of Asia into a depression, broke the Bank of England and has funded uprisings. He spent $246 million funding the recent “Day Without a Woman” protest. This Marjorie Clifton needs to be schooled about Soros. He WAS A NAZI COLLABORATOR he couldn’t careless about women. He is bankrolling groups and people like Linda Sarsour, an anti-Semite and muslim who wants sharia in the US. Ya know sharia law that more or less enslaves women!

Soros’ has focused a lot of his attention over the last few years on the US, backing radical leftist groups who do not like the direction America is going and want it destroyed. Groups who are against a free capitalist based nation, who wants its border sealed and people to respect the rule of law. These are the same people who have become quite violent at times from Occupy to Ferguson and the Berkeley riots!

FYI if you don’t know his son Alexander is getting his PhD from Berkeley… It’s not so interesting how well organized that riot was a few weeks back when Milo was there to speak huh!? Oh this is the same Soros kid who also helped bankroll CA’s Prop 63, an anti-gun measure, to get it on the ballot which passed and became law.

All that said I have yet to get an answer from anyone to this question:
Why haven’t any of the countries this man has legitimately F____d over dealt with him, and his two bastard sons? Maybe when there are enough bodies in the streets of America and/or Europe that finally upset people someone will finally deal with the SOB’s.