Judge Napolitano Returns, Stands by Statement Obama Used British Spy Agency to Spy on Trump (Video)

The Judge is back and he is standing by his statement that the obama regime utilized the British GCHQ (similar to NSA) to spy on Pres Trump because it wouldn’t leave “fingerprints”.


Smith should issue a formal apology to the Judge because clearly he knows something Smith doesn’t, so much so Fox mgmt put him back on air! Think about that America. The Judge dropped an absolute bombshell 2 weeks ago and here he is back on air standing by it! So yes we need an investigation into spying… we need to know who gave the order in the obama regime especially since his fmr Deputy Sec of Defense admitted the obama admin was spying on Pres Trump!

And now I’d like to take this time to say I TOLD YOU SO to all the hack sites and blogs saying Napolitano was fired, NO HE WASN’T! One site, surprisingly Mediaite, did a follow-up with Fox to verify the Judge’s status, unlike the countless sites who posted he had been fired. Those reading this keep that in mind the next time you’re looking for a reliable source of info instead of relying on all the fake news sites. You’ll only find the truth, honest opinion backed with facts on this site!