Pelsoi: GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Will “Make America Sick Again”

This bill proposed by the GOPe is not what people have been protesting over, nor getting into heated arguments with friends and family have been asking for. We never asked for obamacare to be replaced with something like it nor repairing whats wrong with it.

The GOP and Pres Trump have been warning democrats prized obamacare will collapse, so their solution was to create another version of it to pin on republicans?! Pelosi says the republicans healthcare plan will make America Sick Again.

She and the democrats who will not support this bill have more or less just admitted obamacare is a failure! Those paying close attention and have read the GOP’s bill know it’s obamacare lite/ obamacare 2.0. A few republicans, like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Mark Walker etc, are making it clear this bill is all wrong, but they’ll be attacked and demonized by the ruling progressive elites.

Anyone who supports this bill, those who ran for office promising to repeal it, are going to get bulldozed over in 2018.

As of now with this disaster introduced, get use to seeing Pelosi’s face because if this bill goes through she WILL BE Speaker again come Jan 2019.