Rush: FISA Warrant Proves Obama Admin Was in Fact Spying on Trump

Rush opened his show on what should have been the headline of the day, had we had actual real unbiased news media, that the obama admin was spying on Trump. A FISA warrant was issued under the obama regime, on fmr Trump campaign aid Carter Page, that revealed nothing as they abused the intelligence community in their quest to stop Trump. Is this the same warrant Sara Carter has been reporting on or is this yet another?! Time will tell, but clearly the obama regime used any opportunity they had to spy on Trump, via “incidental surveillance”, whether it was Page, Flynn or even Manafort.

All the networks and news media with the exception of Fox, and conservative sites, denied there was any spying on the Trump admin. As more evidence presented itself, they constantly pivoted changing their language even going so far as to take what Trump said in quotes literally! Anyone with a brain knew when he said, “Obama had my ‘wires tapped'”, he meant the regime had him under surveillance. The liberal media of course being obama’s Praetorian Guards did not with the hopes of discrediting Trump only to be made into complete and utter fools, not to mention lying liars!

Fact remains as of today there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. Russia did nothing to influence the election, yet the left will continue to say otherwise with NO PROOF. What we really need is an investigation into all these leaks and another into Clinton, obama admin and the Russians with regards to Uranium One!