CNN’s Legal “Expert” Gets Schooled by His Mentor For “Just Making Things Up” Over Trump-Russian Probe Allegations

Alan Dershowitz, a proud card carrying democrat, Hillary voter and Harvard Law prof, has been destroying the left’s dreams of taking down the Trump presidency. Appearing on Anderson Coopers AC360, Dershowitz was debating CNN’s legal “expert”, and his former student Jeffrey Toobin, over new allegations against Jared Kushner, dropping a major truth-bomb that Toobin (and CNN for that matter) have nothing and are “just making” things up!

This is the same defense Dershowitz has been making for Pres Trump, that while the left has been ranting like rabid animals about collusion and obstruction there is no evidence or crime. Even if evidence of collusion was to surface, it’s not illegal, BAD politically, but there are no statutes against it. And no, it does not fall under aiding and abetting either, as Toobin suggested that Dershowitz ripped apart.

The democrats are literally trying to manufacture a crime to fit into existing law. These people while unhinged and rabid are also very dangerous. They KNOW most Americans are not dialed in to what is going on, let alone the laws on the books or a Presidents authority. Democrats are hitting the airwaves 24/7 misleading the masses which will result in more conspiracy claims, and based on their history more violence when they don’t get their way, → Trump impeached.