Dershowitz Leaves Tucker Awestruck, Delivers Devastating Blow to Dems Trump Witch Hunt, “There’s No Crime” (Vid)

Alan Dershowitz a self avowed democrat and proud Hillary Clinton supporter for the second time now has delivered hard devastating facts that are making liberals go insane. Unlike his fellow democrats the Harvard Law professor believes in upholding civil liberties and the rule of law.

Day in day out all we hear is “collusion, collusion”, “we don’t have any evidence yet, but we will once an investigation is conducted” and “Trump is a puppet of Putin”. While the optics and politics would be bad if Pres Trump had in fact engaged in collusion with the Russians it is not a crime.

“Even if for example the [Trump] campaign coordinated, which there’s no evidence of, but coordinated activities with Russia, and even if Russia and the campaign said ‘gee wouldn’t it be better if Trump were elected’, that’s political wrongdoing but it’s just not a crime! Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated…”

Dershowitz couldn’t be anymore clear on this issue the democrat party and mainstream media are insanely obsessed over for well over 8 months!  His honesty and truthfulness on the issue literally left Tucker awestruck because we have had to listen to this bullshit from the left for almost a year!

Everything you are seeing and hearing from the left is posturing for the 2018 midterms. The smart democrats are steering away from this because they know what Dershowitz knows, and want to protect themselves. The stupid ones, like Maxine Waters, are going off the deep end putting their career, reputation and political seat in jeopardy.

Dems refuse to accept these facts, will go as far as to suggest Trump has committed plenty of crimes and is covering up collusion!!

Covering up a non-crime is a crime!?!?

Like Capt Kirk said “Let them die”!