Kim Dotcom Claims Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker

While everyone is busy beating each other up over Trump, Manchester bombing or whose team is better etc a new debate is surging over the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. One side says nothing there, a robbery gone bad that left rich shot in the back and oddly none of his valuables taken. The other side argues he was in fact the person behind the DNC leaks to Wikileaks.

Enter Kim Dotcom, Megaupload founder and internet entrepreneur who has now dropped a potential bombshell to the DNC leaker story. Kim posted that he knows Rich was the DNC leaker because he worked with him and claims he has the evidence to prove it!

While all of this is going on Rich’s family is asking people like Sean Hannity and others on the right to stop politicizing Seth’s murder. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want the truth about a loved ones murder uncovered? That is what they’re doing when they blast all the people demanding answers. IMO whomever killed Seth got to the family. YES, people want to find out what happened because if true the Trump-Russian collusion nonsense will be exposed as total hoax to cover up a murder!

Kim Dotcom must have something to offer to make an offer to Congress…

he definitely has the motivation…

I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich.

Panda advised me that he was working on voter analytics tools and other technologies that the Internet Party may find helpful.

I communicated with Panda on a number of topics including corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.

“He wanted to change that from the inside.”
I was referring to what I knew when I did an interview with Bloomberg in New Zealand in May 2015. In that interview I hinted that Julian Assange and Wikileaks would release information about Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.

The Rich family has reached out to me to ask that I be sensitive to their loss in my public comments. That request is entirely reasonable.

I have consulted with my lawyers. I accept that my full statement should be provided to the authorities and I am prepared to do that so that there can be a full investigation. My lawyers will speak with the authorities regarding the proper process.

If my evidence is required to be given in the United States I would be prepared to do so if appropriate arrangements are made. I would need a guarantee from Special Counsel Mueller, on behalf of the United States, of safe passage from New Zealand to the United States and back. In the coming days we will be communicating with the appropriate authorities to make the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, I will make no further comment.