MSNBC’s Joy Reid Attacks Scalise While He Recovers After Being SHOT BY DEMOCRAT

Some may wonder what is wrong with MSNBC and Joy Reid to attack a man who just survived an assassination attempt but this is the true nature of the radical unhinged, vile, DANGEROUS left. They talk about everyone coming together, stopping the hateful rhetoric and vitriol but look at them they can’t contain themselves just days after one of their own tried to shift the balance of power in Congress!

I’ll say it because others are afraid to, Reid can’t contain the racism flowing through her hateful veins to not attack Rep Scalise.

The left is piling on their attacks at Scalise, the GOP and conservatives because all they have is hate running through their veins. Worst off, they attack a man who is incapable of defending himself! That is how low they go, and they will go lower.

Someday folks are going to wake up and realize we are in a COLD civil war. So we’re clear democrats attacked a republican on the Texas House floor. Democrats have attacked Trump supporters repeatedly at rallies, marches, college/university campuses and related events. A democrat walked out to a baseball field armed with a rifle (SKS) and handgun and proceeded to open fire on unarmed men who were practically caged in!

Democrats and the left talk peace but all they know is violence. They hate you, hate everything about you.