Rush: ‘Silent Coup’ Underway, Led By Media With Accomplices in Democrat Party

Month after month the American people have been bombarded with claims of collusion, obstruction and other wrongdoing against Pres Trump. To this day not one shred of evidence has been produced, in the almost weekly announcements of bombshells, in the Left’s quest to take the President down. The coordination of material and “news” being shared is undeniable. No there are no secret meetings or star chamber plotting against Trump, they don’t need to their out in the open.

Since inauguration day democrats have been calling for Trump’s impeachment and the media has been doing what it can to create the story line to convince people the calls are legit. They have nothing, and not even this recent bombshell on Donald Trump Jr will amount to anything. If anything Don Jr MIGHT be in trouble but there is nothing tying his meeting with a Russian to his father. That won’t stop the Left in trying to destroy POTUS, they will drag this story out until the next leak surfaces.

The question we need to ask is what is their breaking point? The Left have demonstrated they are unhinged and quite violent. When this newest “scandal” fizzles out what will they do? Leftists push violent rhetoric daily, so how long until someone in Congress or MSM says something that triggers another Alexandria? When does the silent coup cause the COLD civil war to turn violently hot, all because the Left can’t get their way?