Unhinged Pelosi Claims GOP Budget Will Stir Up Violence

The violent rhetoric continues to come from the radical unhinged democrat party. Dems have ranted that if the GOP repeals and replaces obamacare they will kill thousands, if not millions people. They’ve ranted that the Right’s position against climate change will cause people to die. One thing after another the Left stands for that the Right opposes is always perverted where now lives will be lost if the Right gets its way. Nancy Pelosi doing her job as party leader is doing her share of division by throwing gasoline on the fire claiming the budget with increased military spending will stir up violence!

How? The only people committing violence are Leftists. Is she more or less admitting she and other leaders can’t control their minions who will lash out violently over a budget? Democrat leaders just don’t get it, they don’t understand they are stirring up their supporters to be violent by speaking like this. If they would just shut up the level of violence would not be so high. They set the tone and the tone is don’t let the Right have its way because people die.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to start holding people responsible. If there’s violence those who throw gasoline on the fire, like Pelosi, should be held responsible. Better way to stop this is vote out democrats but we know that won’t happen, so keep your powder dry….