Rush: Mueller Investigation “Most Massive Opposition Research Operation Ever” in American Politics

From the first day Mueller was named special counsel to investigate this Russian thing created by democrats it was clear it was a witch hunt. James Comey even admitted he leaked info to trigger the investigation, and just by coincidence his good friend gets the appointment! But now Mueller is expanding his investigation into Pres Trump’s business… that is crossing the line IMO. Democrats and media were whining about one thing and now by it being expanded is as Rush argues a “massive opposition research operation”.

To this day not one shred of evidence has surfaced pointing to a criminal act committed by Donald Trump. With all the leaks that have come out you would think someone somewhere within the deep state would have dropped something to destroy Trump. But they haven’t, because there is nothing.

Mueller is doing exactly what the democrats and the media have been doing for the last year. He is pivoting from one thing to another looking for a crime to pin on the man. He has no limits or restraints and worst case scenario the information he collects will be used against Trump in 2020. The fact that Mueller has a close relationship with Comey and has appointed obama/ Clinton operatives to his team should be grounds to dismiss him. He should have never accepted the position but he like others has a an agenda. That agenda is clear to all now it is to destroy Pres Trump one way or another within the next four years, and stop him from a second term.

This is soft coup being conducted not only by obama/ Clinton loyalists but also RINO’s who stand on the sidelines angry over an outsider taking over. All parties involved working against POTUS are modern day confederates. God help them if this COLD civil war heats up.