Daily Beast Hack Claims Trump Election Commission Will Suppress Votes

The Daily Beasts Jonathan Alter spewed left-wing nonsense attacking Trump’s election commission on voter fraud. It’s abundantly clear the Left wants to take every step possible to deny voter fraud exists. They wrote the book on it, their people are the ones caught 99% of the time committing it, yet any attempt to investigate and put a stop to it is turned into crazy conspiracy. Alter calls Trump’s commission a “voter suppression commission” which will “hold down democrat votes” and “rig” things for the next election!

Democrats want oversight and hand in everything, every aspect of our lives yet when it comes to the voting booth they want the wild west! Trump wants to find out what happened in the 2016 election as to how so many voted illegally with the hopes of preventing it.

Nailing this down is how you stop a country from becoming a Banana Republic, it’s not election rigging. Dems know the only answer to curb voter fraud is requiring ID’s to vote. We know where they go with this but none of it is legit since you need an ID to do just about anything anymore, and no it isn’t racist or bigoted to require an ID. Countless nations do it and no one has a problem with it. We want to protect the legitimacy of our elections but its a crime to require ID. Fine then stop asking for ID when people buy booze, tobacco products, enter a club, gamble, rent/buy a home or car, get medical care etc etc etc.

Democrats you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Obama isn’t POTUS anymore to waive laws and regs for your lawlessness. Oh and Jonathan the US is NOT a democracy, ruled by mob mentality, it is a Republic, governed by the rule of law.