Radical Leftist Destroys Oldest Monument to Columbus in Protest of White Supremacy (Video)

Radical Leftist are now expanding their hate towards any piece of America’s history up to and including its discovery by Christopher Columbus. These domestic terrorists* have destroyed the oldest monument, 225 years, to Columbus** because in their minds it is a symbol of white supremacy.

Using their logic why is no one calling for the destruction of all democrat related monuments since the DNC IS the party of slavery?

If you haven’t watched Bill O’Reilly’s segment about the true intentions of the left, with regards to statues and monuments, you should watch it here. (Please do because it could be taken down at anytime).

The Left is hell-bent on destroying America’s history and identity. Every bit of their effort to destroy Trump has now pivoted over racism, white supremacy etc because they know YOU will cower to it. The race card is their most powerful weapon, just the thought of being labeled intolerant/ racist brings politicians, political pundits to their knees. Resist this attack otherwise this new PC offensive will get them closer to fundamental transformation.

*While there is nothing to confirm this was carried out by Antifa or Black Lives Matter, the MO fits this act of domestic terrorism IMO. For the record this site classified Antifa, BLM and other radical Leftists as domestic terrorists last summer before anyone put calls or petitions out to have them officially designated as such by the federal govt. That is why you should come here more often, you will learn a thing or two!
**Before any liberals cry out that the Europeans then (after Columbus discovered America) and those arriving to this day are illegal aliens answer these questions:
What was the govt structure for Native America?
Where was the capitol of Native America?
Where was the Office of Immigration Affairs for Native America?