Laura Ingraham Annihilates Hillary Clinton For Ignorant Gun Tweets (Video)

Laura Ingraham is hopefully giving us a taste of how her new show on Fox will be when she annihilated Hillary over her comments following the Las Vegas attack.

Lets be brutally honest America, Hillary Clinton couldn’t careless about the people gunned down in Las Vegas. After all as CNN pointed out they were most likely Trump supporters and got what they deserved per a CBS executive, who has since been fired for making such an inappropriate comment.

Ingraham is correct, a silencer would melt under sustained heavy fire, like what we witnessed. This just goes to show how clueless and uninformed Leftist are. Clinton’s comments are politically driven to attack the Second Amendment and the NRA.

To be clear silencers, aka suppressors, DO NOT make a gun silent. This is a misnomer, among many when it comes to firearms, glamorized by Hollywood. These devices reduce the volume of a weapon going off but you still need ear protection, you will still be heard when you fire a weapon.

As for Hollywood, they are responsible for a lot of the misinformation floating around for decades.
– You don’t fly back, through glass or doors, when shot by a pistol, rifle or shotgun.
– One bullet does not always mean one kill, UNLESS it is a headshot or through the heart/ aorta. MANY people have been hit in the chest multiple times and have survived. It depends on where in the chest you get it and by what type of ammunition
– Again, silencers do not make a gun silent.
– Cars DO NOT blow up when you shoot them in the gas tank, even if they’re hit with an incendiary round.
This is just a few but how many of these examples do you hear liberals touting as in stone facts!?

Clinton and her ilk use the propaganda created by Hollywood to demonize weapons, gun owners the NRA (incl other pro-gun groups) and the Second Amendment. What Clinton did was despicable and not the time to bring up. Then again, as I said, she doesn’t care about the people, this is all about political points Ingraham rightfully attacked her over.