Matthews Mocks GOPers as “Ballsy Bastards,” Should Ban “Semi-Automatic” Guns (Video)

Chris “Tingles” Matthews and company are upset over GOP lawmakers showing restraint over the Las Vegas attack and not agreeing with their democrat counterparts to act hastily on gun control. Apparently they seem to have problem with republican lawmakers upholding the job they were hired to do which is protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, where as dems are prepared to take gasoline and a match to it.

We don’t need anymore gun laws. Let’s be honest, the democrats have gotten their way as it is on gun control.

They wanted background checks, they got them.
They wanted waiting periods, they got them.
They wanted magazine restrictions, they got them.
They wanted Gun Free Zones, they got them.

Speaking of Gun Free Zones, these seem to be prime targets for criminals, maniacs and terrorists. So the blood of innocents is on the democrats hands.

There is NO LAW that can stop a mass shooting. Don’t know how many times it has to be said, but criminals, maniacs, terrorists and plain old evil people DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW!!

When Tingles and his clan of hate America types say they want to see semi-automatics banned what they really want is complete and total weapon confiscation. Oddly, they only care after a large scale attack. 57 people were killed in Chicago for the month of Sept, where were they calling for gun control in a city with the strictest gun control laws in the country. Chicago proves gun control doesn’t work, but the Left doesn’t care. They want to disarm Americans because they think once that happens everyone will be nice to each other and subservient. It’s never going to happen, plus the fact there’s 90+ million gun owners in the US who will NEVER, EVER surrender their weapons.

So go right ahead Tingles, trash the GOP for doing their jobs and not jumping like dems do. It makes it more clear to those on the fence who is and isn’t on their side!