Major Democrat Donor Launches $10 Million Campaign to Impeach Trump (Video)

Major democratic donor, Tom Steyer, launched a $10M campaign to impeach Pres Trump. This is the same Steyer who backed Hillary Clinton and the never-ending climate change hoax, who has made outlandish claims against POTUS in a recent tv ad.

In his attack ad Steyer claims:
Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea: Never once has he addressed the fact the NorKs developed nukes during the past admins starting with Bill Clinton, while Bush and especially obama did absolutely nothing. Kim Jong-un didn’t get the nuclear material, develop all the missile technology since Jan 20th 2017. Past admins created the problem dumped on Trump’s lap. Frankly, for decades we have done what the Left wants to continue doing, “diplomacy”, that will get us nowhere.

Trump is obstructing justice at the FBI: No mention here of how it is within the Presidents plenary power to hire and fire anyone he wants for any reason. Jim Comey had no intention of investigating Hillary, and is BFF with Bob Mueller whose hands have clearly been caught in the cookie jar with the Uranium One scandal.

Trump has violated the Constitution: No examples given just an outlandish claim. Fact of the matter is every action Trump has taken are legal, and in most cases were in fact enforcing existing law! Steyer outright lies as well-respected legal scholars, both LIBERAL, Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley have both defended Trump multiple times.

Trump threatened to shut down news organizations: Calling for a license to be revoked over airing lies isn’t an impeachable offense. The media has gotten way out of control reporting fake news. They attack POTUS 24/7 at unprecedented levels to where Jimmy Carter is coming to Trump’s defense!

Trump is mentally unstable: The President has done nothing of the sort to demonstrate he is not mentally fit to serve. Radical, unhinged Leftists are pushing this angle with the hopes the 25th Amendment will be invoked to remove Trump from office.

To these claims and everything else Steyer whines about one needs to ask where the hell was he when obama was literally, factually (it’s well documented), violating the Constitution and federal laws? If this list of complains is grounds for Trump’s impeachment then obama should be in prison right now.

What you have here is another radical unhinged wealthy Leftist who cannot get over the fact Hillary Clinton lost almost a year ago.

Steyer seems to think he speaks for all Americans but he does not. There are 63 million Americans who disagree, many were/ are responsible for the record gun and ammo sales for 8+ years.