Illegal Aliens Climb Over Border Fence During MSNBC Report on Wall Construction (Video)

If there was ever a reason why we need the border wall built this video proves it. No doubt this MSNBC broadcast about Trump border wall prototypes would have ended differently, taking cheap shots at POTUS, GOP and conservatives and costs, had it not been for the invaders. The existing fence is a joke, it’s almost as if it was built to make climbing over it easy.

Take note MSNBC at least admitted they were not Mexicans, which only supports concerns sane normal Americans have for a wall is for national security. How many have crossed that came from the middle east or other regions where terrorists are being trained. They cross borders in the own countries buy plane tickets to Mexico, South or Central America and then walk right across the border.

The border wall prototypes are good but we need a hybrid taking the best aspects from each for the final product. It should be wide, offer some view of whats going on, on the other side, be much higher and the top needs to be as difficult, if not impossible, to get over!

The next time dems whine about building the wall show them this gem from when smugglers climbed right over or this other one showing its not only easy for anyone to climb but also walk right around!! Keep in mind those packs can also hold explosives, weapons, nuclear, chemical or biological agents.